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 360 Rules are a bit different than other systems

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The Fuck?!?!..... I Don't Sing For No-One Motherfucker...
The Fuck?!?!..... I Don't Sing For No-One Motherfucker...

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PostSubject: 360 Rules are a bit different than other systems   Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:53 pm

Seeing as 360 is a bit different from MWR the rules are a bit different.
1) No glitching of any kind. But RGs do not count. You can use the RGs until you unlock the shotgun, but once you unlock the shotgun NO MORE RGs FOR THAT GUN when you get the next gun and unlock the RGs feel free to use them until you get the 20 RG kills. If i find out from anyone on LIVE that you are overusing RGs and I know that you already have the 20 RG kills with that gun I will tell Kempo and let him deal with you or Ill just ban you from chat and possibly report you on LIVE.
2) If I find out you have been reported for a legit reason (like RG overuse) Ill tell Kempo and you will be banned.
3) Do not use your friends to help get you a nuke. I honestly don't even know how it works but if I notice you are getting alot of them quickly I will tell Kempo and blah blah blah you know what will happen.
4) Be nice. If you have a mic dont cuss out team mates. All that will do is get yourself tk'ed or somebody will write a bad review for you. If you look like a jerk we will all look like jerks and people wont want to join the amazing Fortay.
5) You must follow all other clan rules, excluding the RGs.

Punishment system: One warning for any violation above in a pm from me, then next time you break a rule you will be banned.

Activity: To be an active member you must
1) wear the tag ingame
2) post on the site twice a week, non-spam
If you don't you won't be allowed to participate in any gamebattles matches, when we get it started.
Also please remember to notify us in case of a prolonged absence (1 week or more) so you will not be considered a non-active member.

Thanks and have a good day,
360 Regiment Leader,

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360 Rules are a bit different than other systems
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