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 Sniper Elite V2 for the sniper in all of us

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The Fuck?!?!..... I Don't Sing For No-One Motherfucker...
The Fuck?!?!..... I Don't Sing For No-One Motherfucker...

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Sniper Elite V2 for the sniper in all of us Empty
PostSubject: Sniper Elite V2 for the sniper in all of us   Sniper Elite V2 for the sniper in all of us Icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2012 6:36 pm

Ever miss the good old days of WaW? the springfield, mosin-nagant and gewehr? what about the tommy gun, ppsh and mp40? Are you the kind of person that just wants to sit back and blow some brains out? Maybe you want to sneak up from behind with a silenced Welrod pistol? Set a trip wire mine and lure them to you? Well you can do all of that in this game and with all of those guns (sadly that's just about all of the guns, but nonetheless). This game is all about sniping. you are a WWII sniper and you kick ass. Well placed snipe shots get a bullet-cam where you watch it fly through the air and into the target, x-ray of the target and even shows rupturing organs if you hit them. Say the bullet flies past some fire, well it reflects the flame on the side of the bullet, it's so detailed (for its art style at least). I bought it with birthday money and am very pleased. The online blows, but low budget game with little to no publicity it's kind of expected to have bad multiplayer.

Also, note that it is DAY MONTH YEAR in the age box, not month day year like most of us are probably used to haha.
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Sniper Elite V2 for the sniper in all of us
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